Overview of the main development in the OPV field

Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) have developed into a vast research area. Progress in various directions has made it difficult to monitor the technology's precise development state. Organext offers a patent landscape analysis on all OPV devices, their substrates and encapsulation materials to provide an overview of patenting activity from a historical, organizational, geographical and technological point of view.

You have the possibility to have a free connection to this patent database and to consult, annotate and download the full text of patents.

How to connect to the database?

Step 1:

Send an e-mail to info@cide-socran.be with the subject "Organext-connection to the patents database" and the following of you personal details (these are only used to know who is connecting on the database):


Step 2:

You will receive an e-mail with your login and password.

Step 3:

Connect to the site www.orbit.com and log in with your password. A user guide is available once you are logged on to the site.

For more information feel free to contact c.delvenne@cide-socran.be